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LITC Connect is a network of Low Income Taxpayer Clinics and volunteer attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents, that promotes access to justice for low income taxpayers and ensures a fair and just tax system for all.

How Does LITC Connect Work?

LITC Connect is a secure national database of willing pro bono volunteers with tax expertise.  Operating like a “dating app” for volunteer tax professionals and LITCs, LITC Connect allows  LITCs to request pro bono support, identifying the specific issue and expertise needed. The app’s algorithm and the Center’s pro bono coordinator will then connect the LITC to a qualified and available attorney or other tax professional.  In this way, the Network will not only enable the provision of direct assistance to low income taxpayers in tax disputes with the IRS or states but also generate matching funds for the LITC to request additional funding from the IRS.  This additional funding, in turn, can be used to improve the direct delivery of service to low income taxpayers by paying for more staff attorney time at the LITCs.  The app is of particular value to LITCs that serve rural or vulnerable populations in areas where there is no large cadre of tax professionals.

More About LITC Connect...

As a tax professional, when you create a volunteer profile in LITC Connect, you can identify your interests in both the types of assistance – e.g., representation, advice, Tax Court calendar appearance, or training – and the types of controversies – e.g., audits, appeals, collection, litigation.  You can also indicate the areas in which you would like to have some training.


LITCs also create a profile of their organization, which enable them to submit “Assistance Requests,” providing a description of the case, the credentials of the volunteer (attorney, CPA, Enrolled Agent), the type of assistance they are requesting, and any special characteristics of the case or matter.  They also must indicate whether the volunteer needs to be from a specific geographic area.  LITC Connect then runs a matching algorithm to identify potential volunteers.


Once a match is run, Support Center staff review the potential matches and reach out to the “best match” volunteer to gauge their availability.  We also discuss any training the volunteer may need in order to feel comfortable accepting the referral.  We stay in contact with the LITC and volunteer periodically throughout the representation to ensure things are running smoothly.  We also carry professional liability coverage for our volunteers.

Both LITCs and volunteers who have created profiles are able to see their current and historic referrals and update status reports on their password-protected pages.

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Please join the network of volunteer attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents and help ensure low income taxpayers have access to the same taxpayer protections more affluent taxpayers enjoy.

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Whether a new or mature LITC, your organization can benefit from expertise of the volunteers in LITC Connect as well as the training and other resources available from the LITC Support Center. Join today!


If you would like to discuss your specific interests in volunteering or if your firm would like to become a sponsor of LITC Connect, please feel free to contact us.